My Husband Ignores Me

“My Husband Ignores Me” is the title of a blog written by blogger Tiffany Taylor. In it, she talks about how life would be if her husband ignored her completely. So, what should one do if their spouse ignores them?

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I know that in marriage everyone’s focus tends to be on the spouses themselves. Unfortunately, when your husband does nag you about something or doesn’t pay attention to you when he has free time, there will be plenty of time and energy for discussing other things. If you and your husband are at odds, talking about those other things will be a point of tension. Before long, your fighting will turn into an argument. If you want to save your relationship, there are some things you can do.

My Husband Ignores Me starts by telling readers some of the things she has noticed. She says that one of the most common ways her husband ignores her is when he has free time. I don’t know about you but when that happens I tend to spend that time with my friends and family. So, if your husband ignores you that means he’s spending more time with those people than you.

Next, Tiffany points out that sometimes when your husband doesn’t pay attention to you he doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not feeling neglected. Sometimes men just don’t give their wives much attention. This is because men are busy working and dealing with real life. When your husband says he has little time for you, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

My Husband Ignores Me also offers some practical suggestions. For example, if your husband is coming up with excuses not to see you, offer to see him two to three times a week. This would require your husband to prioritize you rather than just ignore you. It would also be nice if you could start making small plans together when you do have some down time.

Finally, My Husband Ignores Me gives advice for married women who want to get back with their husbands. There’s no need to stay in a bad marriage if you know you can change it. You need to be strong and get your husband to notice you again. I know it’s not easy, but if you’re serious about fixing your marriage, this book has helped me.

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