10 Sexual Hygiene Tips for Better Sex By Asian Escorts

Without proper sexual hygiene, an intercourse with a spouse or even the any asian escorts can get messy. The idea of genital cleanliness differs among people. However, there are basics that can apply to almost everyone when it comes to sexual hygiene. Here are useful tips to help you have better sex.

  1. Washing and Drying

The genital region requires regular cleaning. In some people, washing the genitals once may not be enough. To avoid feeling itchy and smelly, wash your genitals and dry them. It is particularly important to wash and dry your genitals before you meet your partner for a sexual intercourse. Also take a bath or shower after sex. Uncircumcised men should be very keen to wash under their foreskin to remove residue and prevent infections.

  1. Observe Underwear Rules

There are men that recycle underwear. But, this is risky because it can put off your sex partner. Most women don’t like having sex with men with smelly underwear. Basically, washing underwear prevents irritation, infection, and bad odor in both men and women.

  1. Check Out Your Genitals Regularly

Checking out your penis, testicles or vagina is a good practice that will enable you to have better sex. When you check the genitals regularly, you spot irregularities before they become problematic. Look for irregularities like redness, bumps, blisters, sores, and warts. These could be a sign of cancer, STDs or other problems.

  1. Talk to Your Partner

Communication is also part of sexual hygiene because it enables you to open up about uncomfortable sex issues. For instance, talk to your partner about sex health issues and STDs. Also talk about protection use if you are yet to be tested.

  1. Talk to Your Doctor Honestly

Undergo a routine examination by your doctor. Choose a doctor that you can comfortably and honestly talk to about any sex topic. Visiting your doctor for routine check-ups will enable them to diagnose and treat issues before they get worse.

  1. Don’t Scrap all Pubic Hair

Some trimming may be necessary. However, getting completely bare is bad because pubic hair has its purpose. You just need to keep it clean. Pubic hair adds comfort during sex.

  1. Don’t Ignore Damage

Extreme sexual activities can lead to skin tearing followed by bleeding. If you notice this damage, don’t ignore it because it can lead to STIs. If you must engage in extreme activities, use a condom.

  1. Engage in Simple Cleaning

Cleaning your genitals once per day or after a sweaty activity is fine. Use water and soap instead of special products.

  1. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Whether pants or underwear, choose light fitting outfits. Overheating and restriction affects fertility while contributing to infections.

  1. Check Your Partner

Check your partner for infection signs and other sexual health issues. If you notice an issue, seek medical attention.

Follow these tips and you will enjoy better sex with your partner.

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